drugsandstuff specialise in providing training and awareness programmes. Main areas are drug and alcohol, HIV and infection control.

drug training
We provide custom designed, in house drug and alcohol training to a wide variety of organisations.
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drugs a-z
Gives pictures, street names, descriptions, cost, paraphernalia / what to look out for, possible short-term and...
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why - cocaine lines
The reasons for drug or alcohol use are complex, and there would often be more than...
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Drug, set and setting
What are the main dangers from using drugs? Explains the range of possible risks and dangers...
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drug quiz
Try out the drug quiz, based on a quiz used on our basic drug and alcohol...
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Infection Control: hand washing
Infection control – a range of courses for care workers, drug workers, school staff, etc.
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syringe with blood
Blood-borne viruses (BBVs) are viruses that some people carry in their blood and can be spread...
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HIV chalkboard
Wide range of HIV courses that are either customised for your organisation or written from scratch,...
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amzon bookshop
drugsandstuff work with Amazon to provide a choice of drug, HIV, infection control and LGBT books.
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Links to important sites covering drugs, HIV and infection control. I’ve tried to include the most...
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Good practice resources
Important publications on key issues. Some items can be downloaded from the drugsandstuff website, other websites,...
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John Mosley