Training is key to the work of drugsandstuff.

It’s bespoke, so no course is the same, with each course either written from scratch or tailored to the individual needs of purchasers and participants.

  • Courses are available to organisations only
  • I do NOT have an ‘open access programme’, where individuals book a place on a training course for themselves

drugsandstuff can offer a number of training packages, all very adaptable. All have two things in common – they are fun and challenging. N.B. All training is currently provided using Zoom, the ultimate in infection control and social distancing.

drugsandstuff provide training and consultancy that:

  • is objective, considered and responsible
  • reflects our commitment to equal opportunities and diversity/li>
  • is relevant to the longer-term business interests and goals of our clients
  • considers best practice and national guidance
  • is of consistent high quality in terms of its appearance, appropriateness, timeliness and value
  • handles client information and relationships with the utmost discretion. We recognise that our own best interests lie in satisfying those of our clients
  • meets agreed targets for cost, for timing, and for deliverables
  • provides the skills and experience required to meet our clients’ needs. We will not accept work for which we cannot offer the necessary expertise

Guidance on costs

People learn in different ways

People learn in different ways – drugsandstuff provides training in different ways
When courses are planned, drugsandstuff remember that people learn in different ways. For instance some people prefer to listen and learn, others prefer to learn by doing, discussing and some are more visual and like to read or see short video clips.

The way a person prefers to learn may alter over time and depend on the particular context. Mixing the approaches used keeps the content more relevant and engaging. When theory or evidence is used in our training courses it is linked to practical application. I don’t believe training should consist solely of a trainer using PowerPoint and lecturing to a classroom of people. More learning is retained through discussion and activity.

There is a huge gap between the educational haves and have-nots and drugsandstuff try to bridge the gap and provide opportunities for those who have had least before. When commissioning drugsandstuff please consider that some groups of workers have extra difficulty accessing learning through work – part time, sessional and zero hour, shift workers, for example.

Best practice

I pride ourselves on the quality of my work, with most of my bookings for repeat work. I have experience of across the NHS, local government and within voluntary sector groups.

In the delivery of training I aim to build on practitioners existing knowledge by:

  • Providing up to date information
  • Encourage and develop reflective practice skills
  • Encouraging participants to identify the links between their services and other local partners
  • Strengthening professional and ethical standards
  • Adding depth, context and external experience to the training offered by your internal human resources people
  • Using innovative and enjoyable training methods to enable all participants to achieve excellence.

Training courses are designed to take into account DANOS, and guidance from Department for Education, Public Health England and Department of Health.

Contact us to discuss how I can help you.


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