LGBTQI+ training

LGBTQI+ training

Research shows that people are happier and more productive in an environment in which they feel they can be themselves without fear of harassment or abuse. Society as a whole is becoming more understanding of a diversity of sexual and gender identities. But homophobia, biphobia and transphobia is still occurs in the media, on social media, and many institutions and communities. There are rising levels of hate crime reported. This continues to have negative impact on the lives of LGBTQI+ people.

I offer training, workshops and briefings to help organisations become more accessible to LGBTQI+ people. It is sound business practice to improve your accessibility for LGBTQI+ customers, employees and communities. LGBTQI+ training and workshops should ideally fit into a wider organisational approach to improving diversity and inclusion for all. So they are useful, but can only be part of the picture.

Sessions include opportunities that challenge people’s views, raise awareness of LGBTQI+ issues and outline how LGBTQI+ issues relate to a study or work environment.

N.B. All training is currently provided using Zoom, the ultimate in infection control and social distancing.

Example outline…


One day.

Who the course is for

Companies and organisations wanting to improve accessibility for LGBTQI+ customers, employees and communities.


To help enable participants to improve upon their accessibility for LGBTQI+ customers, employees and communities.

LGBTQI+ Training outcomes

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Have explored issues experienced on a personal, community and institutional level by LGBTQI+ people and communities.
  • Have learnt the legal and historical context in relation to LGBTQI+ people and communities.
  • Be able to define and understand terminology.
  • Have identified what we can be done to improve accessibility as an individual and as an organisation to LGBTQI+ people and communities.
  • Have developed their own concept of best practice in relation to LGBTQI+ people.
  • Have produced either personal and group Action Plans on developing and improving access and services to LGBTQI+ people and communities.

If you would like to talk about how I can work with your company, group or organisation to design and deliver a workshop for your workplace please contact us

Training courses and workshops can be arranged to fit your timetable, e.g. to fit a lesson length in a school, to a full day or more.

I can develop a range of LGBTQI+ training courses/workshops to suit your needs, e.g.

  • Lettuce, Gherkin, Bacon and Tomato: LGBTQI+ terminology and issues
  • LGBTQI+: The business case
  • Personal coming out stories
  • Growing up gay – a personal account. These can lead into activities for National Coming Out Day (11 October every year)
  • Marketing to LGBTQI+ customers
  • LGBTQI+ Monitoring
  • How to support young people coming out
  • Challenging homophobic language and bullying
  • How to make your school or youth project safer for LGBTQI+ young people (what kind of policies and procedures should be in place? How can you make the physical environment and the programmes taught inclusive of LGBTQI+ young people?)

Please get in touch with John Mosley (he/him) to talk about your needs.


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