Guidance on costs

John Mosley offers top quality training, at competitive prices.
My aim is to make course affordable and accessible to a wide range of organisations. These training rates are for guidance, and may be updated periodically.FHigher rates may apply if external trainers are required, or large amounts of preparation needed. A full quote can be provided on a no-obligation basis.

N.B. All training is currently provided using Zoom, the ultimate in infection control and social distancing.

Full day charges

1 day trainer rate voluntary/charity: £450
1 day NHS/local authority etc: £600
1 day commercial (business) rate: £700

Half day charges

1/2 day trainer rate voluntary/charity: £250
1/2 day NHS/local authority etc: £350
1/2 day commercial (business) rate: £400

You can have two half day events in one day, e.g. morning and afternoon, to slightly reduce the cost.

Discounts may be available for larger contracts.

All courses are tailored to individual organisations. A full discussion of training requirements is part of the training package.

The course purchaser will be expected to reimburse travel expenses, and for certain courses, meals and an overnight stay (if required).

The rates are for trainer cost only, and do not include venue, catering, large delegate packs or other additional costs.

If you are interested, you will need to know that my daily rate for one trainer is at least £600 for NHS/local authority, plus any travel and accommodation costs. Days usually run from 9.30am to 4.30pm. The courses can be for up to 16 participants (per trainer), so a day long course, relatively near Tyne and Wear, will cost you less than £40.00 per person (NHS/local authority: £600 / 16 = £37.40 per person).

If you have even handful of people to train, hiring a trainer to provide the training is usually cheaper and than the cost of sending people on a standard external course where people book individual places. You also get the course that you need, not just a standard off-the-shelf course.

If we’re doing a course using Zoom, Teams etc, please bear in mind that participants could be talking about personal, sensitive or confidential issues. Please consider the location for your people to participate, e.g. working from home, or in a quiet meeting room with good internet connection.

To discuss your training needs, please contact John Mosley