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Street names

Wizz (or whizz), speed, sulp, sulphate, uppers, amphetamine sulphate, phet, billy, sulph, paste, meth, methamphetamine, dexamphetamine, dexies, dexedrine.


Amphetamines are stimulant drugs. A white, off-white or pinkish powder that is generally sniffed up the nose or injected. Sometimes in tablet form, and sometimes in crystal form. Provides ‘borrowed’ energy.


About £8 – 10 per wrap.

Paraphernalia / what to look out for

  • Folder wraps of paper oblong in shape and a bit bigger than a postage stamp, possibly with amphetamine residue (usually white powder) on it.
  • Tablets, powders, needles and syringes.

Short-term indicators

  • The user’s breathing and heart rate speeds up, their pupils widen, and appetite lessens.
  • Helps concentration for a short while, may give the user confidence and energy; may make them talkative, grind their teeth; and will keep them alert and awake. The effects of a single average dose last about three to four hours. It can cause heart palpitations, make the user go to the toilet a lot, and feel anxious and edgy.
  • During a comedown, users can feel tired and yet unable to sleep.
  • Users can also feel hungry, aggressive, perhaps with mood swings.

Possible longer-term indicators

  • Loss of appetite for food.
  • The user can experience sever mood swings, becoming very anxious, jumpy and even depressed to overly excited or hysterical
  • Users also report teeth problems – a result of the regular grinding associated with longer-term use.

Harm reduction

  • Avoid taking with other stimulants.
  • Avoid taking speed if anti-depressants are also being taken; the combination with some types has killed some speed users by sending their blood pressure up very high.
  • Avoid taking speed in pregnancy – medical research suggests that amphetamines can damage an unborn baby.
  • Avoid keeping on taking speed to put off the come down – there has to be a come down at some time and the longer it is left, the worse it will be.
  • Avoid injecting speed – speed is often cut with stuff like flour, chalk or paracetamol, which can clot the blood and cause a lot of damage.
  • Avoid increasing the amount of speed taken – if more is needed to get the same effect, take a break from it until it is possible to get back to the first effect from the original amount.
  • Make sure plenty of rest and food is taken after a session on speed. A sensible dose of vitamins and calcium (taken orally – not injected) may help too.

Legal status

Class B (but Class A if prepared for injection).