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Street names

Methadone, Physeptone, Dihydrocodeine, Palfium, Subutex, Juice, green, meth, linctus, phy, amps, tabs, gees, street meth, spit meth


A depressant. Opioids are synthetic medicines designed to imitate the action of heroin and other opiates.
Methadone, a green viscous liquid, may be prescribed to help a heroin user to detox or remain stable on a ‘maintenance dose’. Detox (or detoxification) describes the way in which a drug such as heroin is eliminated from the drug user’s body, often with the help of a doctor and/ or specialist drug worker. This is often a gradual process and may take a number of days or weeks.

Paraphernalia / what to look out for

  • Bottles of green or blue liquid, tablets.
  • The pupils of the user’s eyes may be dramatically reduced in size.

Harm reduction

Legal status

Unless prescribed to the individual use it is illegal to be in procession or supply these drugs. Classed as a medicine under the Medicine Act.