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Street names

Acid, trips, tabs, blotters.


Psychoactive, hallucinogenic drug swallowed as a liquid on blotting paper squares, known as ‘tabs’. Minute amounts are sufficient for a ‘trip’, which can last up to twelve hours. They are usually taken orally.

Paraphernalia / what to look out for

Small pieces of paper, usually blotting paper, about 5mm square, with a colourful picture, cartoon figure, design or logo printed on them.

Possible short-term indicators

  • Makes concentration and quick reactions difficult.
  • Users can expect a heightened self-awareness, distortions of hearing, changes in sense of time and place, and hallucinations.
  • Some takers become very upset (‘bad trip’) which may last for days afterwards – you could become panicky, depressed or paranoid.

Possible longer-term indicators

  • May trigger mental health problems in a few people.
  • Users can re-experience part of a ‘trip’ a long time afterwards(a flashback). A flashback could occur after using LSD once or 100 times or whenever.

Harm reduction

  • Refer to general suggestions.
  • If you are planning a trip, allow about twelve hours for the effects to fade.
  • Make sure it is taken with someone they know and trust preferably someone who has used it before and knows how strong the effects can be.
  • Trips can last up to 12 hours – ensure that you / others are somewhere where they feel safe and secure and have somewhere safe to go to afterwards, e.g. for when the club shuts.
  • Make sure if someone is experiencing a bad trip, they are looked after. Reassure them that what they are feeling is drug induced and that they are not going mad. Nothing can bring them out of the trip quickly, but quiet, patient reassurance over a couple of hours may help.
  • Advise is not to take LSD if the person is upset or feeling low. It’s more likely they will have a bad trip.
  • Advise against taking more – LSD is rarely fake, but may take a while before they feel the effects. If they do take more, they will have to live with a much stronger experience then they anticipated.
  • Avoid flashing lights and music if someone is having a bad time. Find a friend to take someone affected to the chill out area if in a club.

Legal status

Class A of the Misuse of Drugs Act