Working with parents

Example outline…


A minimum of one day (for those with some drug knowledge)
2 days for those with no drug knowledge (the two day version would include an amended basic drug awareness.

Who the course is for

  • This course explores practical ways of supporting parents with who are concerned about their children using drugs.
  • A range of exercises and handouts will be shared. These could be used in training sessions, parenting sessions, discussion groups, PSHE work, family interventions, YOT parenting sessions, youth work etc. Participants will have the opportunity to experience sample exercises.
  • The course is aimed at those who work with parents (or children and families) in a range of settings.


To increase awareness and promote discussion around drugs within the broader context of family life.

Training outcomes

This course is particularly flexible; example outcomes could be:

  • Have explored the needs of parents and young people.
  • Have explored the various stressors that parents and young people may face.
  • Have explored activities that can promote discussion of the differing attitudes towards drug sue and drug related issues.
  • Have explored some of the common myths associated with young people’s drug use.
  • Have explored way of overcoming barriers to discussing drug issues, and dealing with difficult topics.
  • Have developed exercises that help parents deal with the discovery or disclosure of drug use.
  • Have developed exercises that could help parents assess drug use and ways of responding to drug use.