Advanced drugs

Example outline…


Two-day course.

Who the course is for

People who have previously attended basic drug awareness training or have previous experience working with drug users. The course is aimed at professionals who have direct contact with drug users, e.g. youth workers, social workers, doctors/practice nurses, health visitors.
It may be useful to people who would like to take more of a team lead in relation to drugs.
Prior knowledge of drug and alcohol issues is required.


  • To develop an enhanced level of skills, leading to enabling a practitioner to successfully assess and plan responses.
  • To raise awareness of local services and resources.

Training outcomes

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Have explored more detailed knowledge about commonly used controlled drugs.
  • Have increased their understanding of how and why drugs are used.
  • Have developed a detailed understanding of how drugs and drug use can cause problems.
  • Have developed their skills in risk reduction.
  • Have explored initial assessment and appropriate in-house interventions and referrals.

Additional information about this course can be provided. This would include the expected gains in terms of knowledge, understanding/awareness, and the practical skills expected to be developed. The content of this course is flexible, and could include, for example, drug use and sexual health, hepatitis, HIV, counselling skills….

  • Diagnosis and testing.
  • Treatment options.
  • Working with clients affected by hepatitis.
  • Prevention interventions with injectors.
  • Workplace specific exercises.